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  • Honors Contracts

    Each semester Honors students develop more than 450 Honors contracts with faculty members, which is an essential way these students experience Honors learning.

    Honors Contract Resources

  • Honors Sections

    Honors Sections deepen and enhance students' learning experiences in smaller sections of courses, which are typically found in General Education or introductory major-specific classes where there is a large audience or target population.

    Honors Section Resources

  • Advanced Honors Seminars

    These courses are grounded in one or more of the Dimensions of Honors Learning that address special topics and facilitate the development of the Honors community. Faculty and subject matter experts are invited to propose an Advanced Honors Seminar. Each seminar has a general theme that can be tailored to the instructor's interest and expertise.

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  • Honors Explorations

    Honors Explorations are short-term, noncredit learning experiences that revolve around unique topics. Explorations go beyond the regular curriculum and investigate a specific interest/study that integrates discussion, experiential learning, current events, or pop culture. Subject matter specialists within Illinois State University are invited by the Honors Program to propose Honors Explorations.

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  • Honors in the Major

    Honors students choose to pursue this graduation designation by engaging in enriched and extended learning experiences within their major coursework. Through the completion of a capstone experience, students will develop as scholars under the supervision of a faculty member in their field of study.

    Honors in the Major requirements