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Honors Contracts

Please read the information below carefully. Questions may be directed to Stuart Palmer.

Summer 2024: View, complete, and submit the Honors Contract Form to initiate the registration process.

  • Purpose

    Honors Contracts are established at the beginning of each semester. Students should review the Honors Contract Resources provided above in order to be knowledgeable about the process.

    1. Review the syllabi from your classes and determine which class would provide the best opportunity in which to complete an Honors Contract.
    2. Develop ideas for possible topics, outcomes, or products for your Honors Contract.
    3. Schedule a meeting with your instructor to discuss your ideas and options for an Honors Contract.
    4. Either with your instructor or after you've met, complete and submit the Honors Contract Form by the deadline noted above.
  • Evidence

    Students submit the final product to their instructor for evaluation. Instructors evaluate the final product and verify the successful completion of the Honors Contract. Instructors also have the opportunity to provide comments about the student's performance.

  • Reflection

    In the last week of the semester, students will reflect on their Honors Contract experience through an online form.