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Advanced Honors Seminars

After successfully completing Honors Mindset Seminar, Honors students may choose to take an Advanced Honors Seminar as an Honors Learning Experience. Each Honors Seminar is 1 credit hour, results in a letter grade, and counts as an Honors Learning Experience.

Effective Fall 2023, the course numbers and repeat policy for Advanced Honors Seminars will change. Each seminar may be repeated for up to two credit hours. Completed attempts under the previous numbers count towards the total. For example: past enrollment + future enrollment = max of 2 credit hours for each course number.

  • HON 202a75: Interdisciplinary Investigations = HON 205
  • HON 202a76: Innovation and Inquiry = HON 206
  • HON 202a77: Leadership in Action = HON 207
  • HON 202a78: Culture, Context, and Identity = HON 208

Example 1: If you have taken HON 202a75 in the past, you may take HON 205 one time in the future. The same is true of the other course numbers.

Example 2: If you have never taken an Advanced Honors Seminar, you may take each course number a maximum of two times (as long as the topic is different).

Faculty/Instructor Advanced Honors Seminar Proposal

The deadline for proposals to be considered for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 is February 5, 2024.

Propose an Advanced Honors Seminar

Prospective instructors are encouraged to review an overview of Advanced Honors Seminars.

Seminar Information

The following seminars are stand-alone courses and may be taken in any order.

  • HON 205: Interdisciplinary Investigations

    In this seminar, instructors draw from their research and/or passions to explore a topic or theme, which will be studied across disciplines to highlight the importance of understanding issues from a variety of perspectives.

    Previous Topics:

    • Critical Perspectives on Mindfulness-Based Interventions in the West
    • Latin American Cinema in the 21st Century
    • Narratives, Psychology, and Culture
    • Our Nation of Incarceration
    • Renaissance Florence
    • Surveillance and Society
  • HON 206: Innovation and Inquiry

    This seminar challenges students to study and explore inquiry from several perspectives. Critical inquiry as an academic pursuit, inquiry involved in traditional and novel research methods, problem solving, and innovative questioning will be explored. Students apply these perspectives by exploring real-life problems and developing solutions.

  • HON 207: Leadership in Action

    The goal of this seminar is to encourage students to identify and analyze effective qualities of successful leaders as well as to participate in an applied leadership experience.

  • HON 208: Culture, Context, and Identity

    The goal of this seminar is to understand how culture and context influence people's worldviews, experiences, and identity.