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Honors Seminars

Honors Seminars are courses grounded in one or more of the Dimensions of Honors Learning, address special topics, and facilitate the development of the Honors community. Instructors for the Honors Mindset and Advanced Honors Seminars are Honors staff or partners in the University community.

Two types of Honors Seminars are currently offered:

Honors Mindset Seminar

Students complete this seminar as their first Honors Learning Experience in the fall semester to which they have been admitted to the Honors Program. Successful completion of this seminar is expected in order to continue participation in the Honors Program.

Topics include:

  • Dimensions of Honors Learning
  • Theories and strategies of learning
  • Honors Program requirements and opportunities

Some assignments include:

  • Written reflection on learning practices
  • Interview with a professional
  • Personal strategic plan for future goals

Advanced Honors Seminars

Seminars are created by instructors to explore various Dimensions of Honors Learning and their applications across disciplines. Each Advanced Honors Seminar is one credit hour and results in a letter grade.

Seminars include:

  • Interdisciplinary Investigations
  • Innovation and Inquiry
  • Leadership in Action
  • Culture, Context, and Identity