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Honors Explorations

Examine topics with an Honors facilitator and other Honors students.

  • Honors Explorations are short-term, noncredit, discussion experiences that revolve around unique topics, and are often beyond the regular curriculum and integrate current events or pop culture.
  • Facilitators are subject matter specialists invited by the Honors Program.
  • Explorations are guided by the Dimensions of Honors Learning and typically meet weekly for five total sessions.

Successful completion of an Honors Exploration includes attending and actively participating in each session, as well as completing all readings and assignments.

In order to encourage student engagement and discussion, each Honors Exploration is limited to no more than 25 Honors students. Please note that due to the high demand and noncredit nature of these experiences, priority preference will be given to students who have completed fewer than three Honors Explorations. Students are encouraged to complete a variety of types of Honors Learning Experiences.

Students and instructors interested in learning more about Honors Explorations are encouraged to review the expectations and guidelines outlined in the document Honors Explorations: An Overview.

Faculty/Instructor Honors Exploration Proposal

The deadline for proposals to be considered for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 is February 5, 2024.

Propose an Honors Exploration