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Honors in the Major

The Honors Program seeks to facilitate customized learning for Honors students in their disciplines by offering the opportunity for students to engage in Honors education and to have Honors Learning Experiences in upper division courses.

Benefits to Students

  • Students engage in an enriched and extended learning experience.
  • Students develop as scholars and gain an edge over their peers by choosing a rigorous preparation in their field of study.
  • Students demonstrate independent research or creative productivity directly related to their major in a culminating project.
  • The designation "Honors in the Major" will be noted in the Commencement Book and on the student's transcript and diploma.

Honors Liaisons

Honors Liaisons are an excellent resource for students to learn how they can incorporate their Honors Learning Experiences into their major requirements.

Benefits to Departments/Schools

  • Students are engaged in upper division courses in a substantial way that goes beyond the curriculum and promotes integration and connections at a deeper level of learning.
  • Honors students raise the bar for others.
  • Departments/Schools can showcase Honors students' Capstone Experiences.


Departments/Schools partner with the Honors Program to specify the types of Honors Learning Experiences required to achieve this designation.

General requirements include:

  • Earning a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA at the time of graduation;
  • Earning a minimum 3.5 major GPA at the time of graduation;
  • Completing one Honors Learning Experience each semester in the Honors Program through graduation; and
  • Successfully completing the Honors Learning Experiences specified by the Department/School.

Requirements by Department/School

Specific criteria for each major is listed below.