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Honors Research

Initiate research or independent projects in all disciplines. Hone investigative and critical thinking skills under the guidance of a faculty member.

The Honors Program offers a number of opportunities for undergraduate students to work directly with faculty members on research projects for credit. In some cases these experiences may be inspired by the successful completion of an Honors Contract. The following opportunities are generally more rigorous and specific to a student's academic field of study. View a summary of the three types of Honors Research.

Students completing any of the following Honors Research Experiences might consider participating in the University Research Symposium.

Research Opportunities

Honors Undergraduate Research

Gain experience in research methodology and benefit from one-on-one interaction with faculty.

Honors Independent Study

Investigate a topic of personal interest within your discipline under the guidance of a faculty member.

Honors Thesis

Construct an independent research project in preparation for graduate-level study or publication.