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National and International Scholarships

These scholarship opportunities are for current Illinois State University students looking to learn more about scholarships outside of the University.

Some of the most prestigious national and international scholarships available to Illinois State students are listed here. The Honors Program encourages you to consider investigating these scholarship opportunities in light of your particular career and professional goals.

Guide to Applying for Prestigious Scholarships

Specific Application Assistance

The Honors Program has put together specific information to assist you in applying for several of these scholarships. Learn more about the application timelines for these awards and how the Honors Program can help you through the process.

  • Harry S. Truman Scholarship

    Intended to support students with exceptional leadership potential who wish to attend graduate school before pursuing careers in government or public service.

  • Morris K. Udall Scholarships

    Created to encourage students to pursue careers in environmental policy and to encourage Native American and Alaskan Native students to pursue careers in health care or tribal public policy.