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Honors Program Mentoring

Since 1990, Senior Professionals have been mentoring Illinois State University Honors students. The goal of this program is to enhance the college experience of the mentee and provide a gratifying civic involvement opportunity for both the mentor and the mentee.

The program provides Illinois State University students with guidance from retired professionals. This unique inter-generational relationship provides enrichment for both the mentee and mentor.

A number of socials are offered each year which provide opportunities for interaction between mentors and mentees. In addition, many mentors and mentees choose to meet one-on-one for coffee, lunch, or a campus activity. The main objective is for the pair to establish a comfortable relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

Students in the Mentoring Program are eligible to apply for a $1,000 scholarship.

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Purpose of the Mentoring Program:

  • Match college Honors students with Mentors from the community who have made significant contributions in the workforce.
  • Enhance the college experience of the Mentee by providing opportunities for civic and social involvement with a Mentor.
  • Provide the Mentee with local support, companionship, and guidance as desired.
  • Build an enriching relationship between Mentor and Mentee, perhaps lasting a few years.

What should Mentors and Mentees Expect?

  • Try to get together at least twice each semester. A number of socials are offered each year.
  • Mentees often enjoy having exposure to resource persons and/or experiences that relate to their career plans. (Mentors can often rely on other Senior Professionals to help make connections to local specialists in the Mentee’s field.)
  • Mentors are interested in what it is like to be a college student today.
  • Both Mentor and Mentee can expand their horizons by exploring together what the Bloomington-Normal community offers in athletic, light entertainment, and cultural events.
  • When travel or busy schedules get overwhelming, both can stay in touch with phone calls, e-mail or letters.

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