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Honors Housing

The Honors Themed Living-Learning Community is located on floors 5 (co-ed), 6 (female), and 7 (co-ed) of Manchester Hall.

Honors students may elect to live on one of the three floors reserved for Honors students to connect and collaborate with like-minded peers.

Opportunities within the Honors Themed Living-Learning Community

The benefits of living within the Honors TLLC include:

  • Interactions with residents in a community that enhances personal and academic development
  • Close proximity to others with strong academic ambitions, as well as interests in co-curricular and service activities
  • Availability of older Honors students and Resident Assistants who can share their Honors experiences
  • A "quiet hours policy," beginning no earlier than 8 pm, to promote studying

Honors TLLC Faculty Mentors

  • Dr. Linda Clemmons; Director of the Honors Program
  • Doug McGraw; Honors Program Academic Advisor

Residents must be Honors students at the time of choosing a residence hall and/or TLLC. Space is limited, so interested students should complete the housing selection process as soon as possible.

For more information, email Doug McGraw, Honors Program Academic Advisor.