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Current ISU Students

The application for Fall 2024 admission will open in February 2024.

View the Current Student Quick Reference Card to discover the opportunities and benefits associated with participation in the Honors Program.

Eligibility Requirements

Current Illinois State University students who have at least three semesters remaining until graduation, a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater, and evidence of extracurricular/community involvement and/or work experience are invited to submit an application. Nontraditional students have been successful in our program and are encouraged to write about their life experience and aspirations in their application. Admission to the Honors Program is competitive and space is limited.

Application Process and Timeline

Students are invited to apply during the spring semester of each academic year and are required to begin their Honors coursework the following fall semester. The application consists of two parts: Students report their academic credentials and compose written responses to the provided prompts. Each student's application is carefully reviewed, with academic credentials and the quality of written responses having equal importance. 

Honors Mindset Seminar

All students admitted to the Honors Program will enroll in HON 102A17: Honors Mindset Seminar, a 1 credit-hour class, in Fall 2024. Seminars are limited to 30 students and are interactive and discussion based. Specific sections of seminar are designated for current Illinois State students and new transfer students.

Topics include:

Some assignments include:

  • Written reflection on learning practices
  • Interview with a professional
  • Personal strategic plan for future goals

Successful completion of this seminar, in addition to meeting Honors Program GPA requirements, is required to continue in the Honors Program.

All questions related to Honors Program admission should be directed to