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Honors Alumni

The Illinois State University Honors Program exists to allow our students to enrich their academic experiences using the Dimensions of Honors Learning and our Honors Learning Experiences. It is gratifying to see how our alumni have taken the exceptional learning they experienced at Illinois State University and used it to establish successful careers in many different professions—human service, medicine, politics, education, just to name a few. We are very proud of our alumni and their accomplishments.

Please keep in touch! We enjoy hearing from you; so please let us know from time to time what you are doing and what is happening in your life. We are also here to be of help to you in any way we can. If you are ever in Normal, stop by the Honors Program office and say hello, and we hope to see you each year in October at Homecoming.

"Being a part of the Honors Program at ISU was the best decision I made throughout my college career, and probably my life. It helped me to find my place, my career, and friendships that will last a lifetime. Surrounding yourself with a diverse group of people that share your passion for culture, learning, and life, is made easy when you are a part of the Honors Program." - Nicole Ott, Class of 2015

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