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What to Expect

What will I discuss with my advisor?

Discussions with your Honors Advisor will vary based on the point you are at in your academic career. First year students will discuss classes for upcoming semesters, review plans of study, academic interests, personal goals, and campus/community involvement. Upperclass students might discuss progress toward degree, Honors Learning Experiences, Honors designations, and career goals. Your Honors Advisor is always available as a resource and is happy to help you navigate Illinois State University.

Honors Advising Calendar

Freshman Year

  • September/October: Required meeting with Honors Advisor
  • February/March: Meet with Honors Advisor

Sophmore Year

  • Primary advisor is in major department (if you are Undeclared, see your Honors Advisor), may check in with Honors Advisor
  • Familiarize yourself with Honors in the Major requirements

Junior Year

  • Maintain contact with Honors Program to check on Honors Experiences and designation requirements

Senior Year