Mike Devito Mike is passionate about all things outdoors and has chosen majors to help him pursue his interests. See how Mike's involvement will help him reach his goals.
Jessica Bigger Jessica has always wanted to be a teacher and has sought out experiences to reach her goal. Read about how Jessica's Honors involvement has helped her gain important skills on her path to being a teacher.
Andrew and Christy Cross Andrew and Christy met and fell in love at Illinois State. Read how the Honors Program brought them together and provided opportunities to pave their way to success.

Honors Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Honors Program at Illinois State University is to recruit, challenge, and stimulate academically-talented, culturally and ethnically diverse, and highly-motivated students from all academic disciplines. read more

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Admission deadlines vary for incoming freshmen, current, and transfer students.  Learn more about the Honors Program and how to apply.

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