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Undergraduate Research Participation

Undergraduate Research Participation (URP) is a credit-earning opportunity (IDS 285, 286) for Honors students who wish to participate in faculty research projects. In an era of increasing work and diminishing resources, the URP program is a great way for faculty researchers to attain the assistance of some of our best undergraduate students.

Research projects are posted on the Honors website. Students are encouraged to contact faculty members to discuss possible research opportunities. URP contracts are available from the Honors Program office and should be completed by the student and supervising faculty member. Students should return the signed contract to the Honors Office for final approval and an override to register.

If you are interested in participating in the URP Program, please contact Julie Brooks, jlbrook@ilstu.edu

Purpose of URP

  • To gain experience in research methodology.
  • To provide faculty members with undergraduate research assistance.
  • To encourage interaction between Honors students and faculty.
  • To earn Honors credit hours.
  • To fulfill part of the requirements for the Honors Program Scholar with Merit and Honors Program Scholar with Distinction designations.


Students may earn 1 – 3 hours of credit.

  • One hour of credit is equivalent to 2 – 4 hours of work per week throughout the semester
  • Two hours of credit is equivalent to 5 – 7 hours of work per week
  • Three hours of credit is equivalent to 8 – 11 hours of work per week.

Students must take IDS 285 prior to enrolling in IDS 286. Students who have completed both IDS 285 and IDS 286 and would like to continue their research may want to consider Independent Honors Study (course number 299), where credit hours may also be earned. Independent Honors Study may be research-related, but is not limited to research.


  1. The student contacts a faculty member to see if he or she would like research assistance and would be willing to supervise the student’s research participation. Students should try to match their abilities and interests with that of the faculty’s research interests. Some faculty members submit project descriptions and requests for student participation to the Honors Program. For information on these submissions, students should contact the Honors Program.
  2. Pick up a URP contract from the Honors Program office.
  3. The student writes a description of what he or she and the instructor agree his or her involvement in the research will be. The description should include evaluation criteria, which course the student is enrolling in (i.e., IDS 285/Honors Undergraduate Research I or IDS 286/Honors Undergraduate Research II), as well as the number of credit hours the student will earn (1 – 3 credits).
  4. The white and yellow copies are returned to the Honors Office, the goldenrod is for the instructor, and the pink is for the student.
  5. After the student and instructor have agreed upon the student’s role, the Honors Program reviews the contract. If there is a problem with the student’s contract, it will be returned to the student and the student will be asked to revise it.
    • Contracts are usually returned because the student has not indicated the number of credit hours he or she plans to earn, a course number was not specified (IDS 285 or IDS 286), or signatures were missing.
  6. Once the Honors Program has obtained the student’s contract, the Honors Program enters a permit into the computer, at which point, the student may register for IDS 285/Honors Undergraduate Research I or IDS 286/Honors Undergraduate Research II.
  7. The student is responsible for registering for the course once the permit has been added. The student will not be registered automatically.


  1. At the end of the semester, the student's faculty supervisor submits the student's grade on My Illinois State.
  2. The instructor submits the student’s grade to the Honors Office.

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