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Honors House

The Honors House is a residential community that offers extra social, cultural, and intellectual programs for students. It is currently located on floors 6 and 7 of the newly renovated Manchester Hall.

Meet the Honors House Resident Assistants.

Requirements of Residence

Residents must attend a minimum of three specially designated programs each semester. The Honors House Resident Assistant will provide residents with a list of approved programs. Programs will include one of the following features:

  • Honors Program sponsored event
  • International Studies/International House sponsored event
  • A program including your faculty mentor

Benefits of Residence

The benefits of living in the Honors House include:

  • Interaction with residents in a community that enhances personal and academic development.
  • Close proximity to others with strong academic ambitions and an interest in the cultural and co-curricular activities on campus.
  • Availability of upperclass students who can share their Honors experiences.
  • Development of relationships with faculty through the Faculty Mentor program.
  • Quiet hours to promote studying.

Honors House Faculty Mentors

  • Manchester 6: Allison Alcorn
  • Manchester 7: Craig McLauchlan

Student Ambassadors Leadership Team (SALT) members organize social and academic activities for residents to get to know each other and to learn outside of the classroom.

Any Honors student is welcome to participate in Honors House activities, regardless of whether or not they live in the community. Residents of Honors House must be members of the Honors Program. Space is limited, so interested students should complete the housing selection process as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Sarah Roth at sjroth@ilstu.edu

Honors House RAs

Jen Jen Jaroch, Manchester 6 RA

Background Info: Name, Major/Minor, Year in school, Hometown
Jen Jaroch, Math Education major, Sophomore, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Favorite winter break adventure
Working at Woodfield Mall in a retail store over the holiday. It was definitely an adventure! I recently got promoted so that I can do returns- I was a bit sorry about that promotion on the day after Christmas!

Favorite movie or book from winter break
My favorite movie was definitely Les Miserables. My favorite fiction book was The Help, and my favorite non-fiction book was A Short History of the World.

Best ISU moment/memory
I'm an Admissions Ambassador, so I have the privilege of giving tours to prospective students. The best ISU memory I have is when a high school senior tells me that my tour impacted their decision of attending ISU. These moments are the greatest because Illinois State has been a home to me, so I hope to help future students realize that it can be a perfect fit for them, too.

Favorite place on campus and why
My favorite place on campus is Milner Library. I always see someone I know when I walk in, but if I'm looking for a quiet space to study, I can always find a nice nook!

Class you're looking forward to this semester
I'm excited for my Psychology of Personality class, because the topic is very interesting to me. I also look forward to my Service Learning Project at University High School, where I'll be mentoring and gaining experience as a future teacher!

Marcia Marcia Morrison, Manchester 7 RA

Background Info: Name, Major/Minor, Year in school, Hometown
Marcia Morrison. Family and Consumer Science Major with a sequence of Interior and Environmental Design. I am a transfer Junior. I transferred from Parkland College in Champaign, IL. My hometown in Urbana, Il.

Favorite winter break adventure
My favorite adventure was probably when I was babysitting and took the kids swimming (indoor) but, we were still the only people at the whole pool because it was below freezing outside.

Favorite movie or book from winter break
My favorite movie was probably Despicable Me. I got it for Christmas because I kept quoting it and watched it multiple times with different people.

Best ISU moment/memory
My best ISU moment was probably when I first visited, just over a year ago, because I felt really welcomed and it was when I first realized this was the campus for me.

Favorite place on campus and why
My favorite place on campus is probably the rec center. I really like climbing the rock wall and am also training for a 10k, so it is nice to have somewhere inside to run.

Class you're looking forward to this semester
I am looking forward to my History of Interior and Environmental Design class because I will get to see the progression on my field and how it has changes or stayed the same.

Annie and Jamie

Annie Sturtewagen and Jamie Rup: random roommates who became good friends in Honors House.

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