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Departmental Honors Scholar

Students can complete special academic work to earn a Departmental Honors Scholar designation. Departmental Scholar designations are available in all academic departments and schools at Illinois State University. This designation is indicated on all student diplomas and transcripts.


Although the criteria for becoming a Departmental Honors Scholar vary from one department to another, all students who wish to receive Departmental Honors must be a member of the Honors Program in good standing. This means that you must complete 3 hours of Honors credit each semester you are in the program, including the semester in which you will graduate.

The only exceptions to the "3 hours per semester" requirement are: student teaching, study abroad, National Student Exchange, full-time internships, or co-op experiences. You are also exempt if you have completed 24 hours of honors credit.

  • Please Note: Students working towards Departmental Honors must inform the Honors Program early in the semester of graduation that they are intending to graduate with Departmental Honors by completing the Designation Form (pdf). This is the same form for other Honors designations and only needs to be filled out once.

Specific criteria for each department designation are available from this website, in the Honors Program Office, or from department offices.

Honors Liaisons

Honors Liaisons are an excellent resource for students to learn how they can incorporate their Honors work into their major requirements.

Departmental Honors Requirements

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