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Types of Honors Credit

The Honors Program provides students with six ways to earn Honors credit, all of which enhance the academic experience at Illinois State University.

  1. Honors sections of courses

    Honors students can register for special sections of regular university courses. Each semester the Honors Program works with departments across the University to offer Honors sections of courses to Honors students. Available options typically include courses in the General Education Program as well as courses in several majors.

  2. In-Course Honors

    Students can complete an additional experience or project in a regular section of a course in order to earn Honors credit. Talk to your instructor about how you can complete this project.

  3. Honors Colloquia

    These small, seminar courses are taught on various topics of professors' interests, including Consumers and Consumption, Philosophical Issues of the Self, or Honors Service Learning.

  4. Independent Honors Study

    Independent Honors Study (course number 299 in every department) allows students to work closely with faculty on subject areas of personal interest.

  5. Undergraduate Research Participation

    Undergraduate Research Participation (IDS 285/286) allows students to work with faculty on research.

  6. Honors Thesis

    The Honors Thesis (IDS 395) is a capstone project and a requirement for a number of departments to earn Departmental Honors.

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