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Welcome to the Honors Program at Illinois State University, where we take seriously the mantra “Beyond the Classroom;” where students are engaged in fruitful partnerships across campus and even with the community beyond the walls of academia. Educational opportunities lurk in the unlikeliest places; they are found in the nooks and crannies of the university and the universe; we must seek them out like explorers curious about the world we inhabit.

The challenge today is to find creative ways to help students understand their relationship with a world in constant flux, a world that is becoming more complex each year as geopolitical barriers across the globe are being redefined. To that end we work with several constituencies across the university to inspire our students to find individual paths towards the best education they can get.

Interaction with a diverse faculty and student body opens windows into new avenues; funding for undergraduate research in all disciplines promotes close relationships between teacher and pupil; service learning and civic engagement provide portals to make significant differences in local and regional communities; seminars, colloquia, and panel discussions around a myriad of topics expand classroom learning; international study extends our influence across the globe and may inspire our students to change the world on a grand scale.

These are the routes to the gold standard—global citizens in the best sense of the term, citizens who have learned to celebrate cultural differences towards a common universal goal; ambassadors engaged in communal exchanges. This is the Honors Program at Illinois State University.

Dr. Kim Pereira, Honors Program Director

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